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Recent Project Messages
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Digging In again
Hi all, I'm fortunate enough to have attended the recent StartingBloc Los Angeles Institute for Social Innovation...
08:06 EST
Re: Peltier Devices
On that same topic, here's a link to a YouTube video of one such device, apparently as a part of a college project: ...
05:10 EST
Re: Peltier Devices
I came across something today that looked interesting: http://sci-toys.com/my_toys/stirling_engine.html See the...
02:18 EST
Re: Sharing some *Good News* and requesting your thoughts and feedback
*Clearing Vegitation without Burning* In many locations around the world, people clear fields for planting by...
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Re: Sharing some *Good News* and requesting your thoughts and feedback
A friend of mine provided the following advice. Any further thoughts? I like: * Clearing Vegitation without...