I can help by advising that the hexadecimal string is closest to the next step.

Chris Gagne

On Apr 9, 2007, at 4:10 PM, code-cracker@cerbumi.org wrote:

A quick conversion as you typed it gives us:
Decimal: 114 249 93 240 155 99 82 1 125 155 1 244 90 81 214 110 169 227 76 239 107 74 201 136
If we remove all the spaces:
Decimal: 2.81915647547259e+57
Binary: 11101010100111100011010011001110111101101011010010110000000000000000

I don't know that I see any pattern there but perhaps someone else will?


On Jan 2nd 2007, 23:32 EST, zobier wrote:
> As the words in the ciphertext all start with the letters a-f (and the notes at the end are also A & F#), I'm inclined to believe that the spoken part may be a hexadecimal string:
> 72 f9 5d f0 9b 63 52 01 7d 9b 01 f4 5a 51 d6 6e a9 e3 4c ef 6b 4a c9 88

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Chris Gagne